Joostina is a system originally based on the Joomla! CMS, but has undergone significant changes that allowed it to stand out in a separate project. Joostina as well as Joomla! - A product based on PHP and MySQL. Its main language is in Russian.

In addition to standard features (WYSIWYG-editor, managing content and users, support for XML, support for importing and ekstorta RSS, etc.), Joostina contains a number of "attractions" that distinguish it from most other CMS solutions:

* High controllability and flexibility. When the administration Joostina CMS available long list of settings related to all aspects of the management system

* Easy administration interface. Were added many new features that make the work more smoothly: many operations are performed with the help of AJAX, is available to add mass content, navigation tree is implemented in a component of content management, an arbitrary reference date format used on the site, etc.

* SEO: autogeneration keywords, setting the output headers and meta tags

* The development of the caching mechanism, allowing to build on the base Joostina projects with high load (page caching, caching database queries, automatic cleaning of cache, cache optimization, caching, parsing parameters, etc.)

* Built-standard extensions to run a simple site just a few hours after installation
* A large number of third-party extensions: image galleries, directories, blogs, mailing lists, online shops, forums, etc.

* Unpretentiousness server resources and very simple installation process.

* Support for the forum on the development team and community project

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